Car Tech Automotive Ltd

For more than 32 years, Car Tech Automotive Ltd. has operated in New Lynn. In 1991, Craig founded Car Tech Automotive, and seven years later, Michele joined him to oversee the office and accounts.

We offer a full range of mechanical services in Waitakere for customers throughout the Auckland region. Whatever you need, we provide you with the best offer. Car-Tech Automotive Ltd is committed to earning your trust by providing the expertise and services you expect.

Quality Workmanship, Honest Pricing & Exceptional Customer Service.

It is our goal that every customer leaves car tech automotive ltd happy and confident. We are proud of our high-quality workmanship, our honest prices & most importantly, that we are keeping them & their family safe on the road.

Providing Wide Range of High Quality Services

Having years of experience, we offer cost-effective and high-quality car maintenance. We provide a wide range of services, including:

Warrant of Fitness and WOF Repairs

We are a WOF-certified workshop.  Your WOF will  take around 45 mins to do at a cost $65.00, incl GST.
We do all manner of wof repairs; most of the small ones can be done on the spot to get you compliant and on the road in no time.

Oil Change Workshop

Lube & Oil Change Servicing (6 Monthly or Every 10,000 km)

  • Change engine oil
  • Change the oil filter
  • Inspect the air filter and replace it only if needed
  • Top up all fluid levels
  • Grease all points
  • Check & adjust all tire pressures
  • Road test
Car Diagnostic

Full Vehicle Servicing (Annually or Every 20,000 Km)

  • Change engine oil
  • Change the oil filter
  • Inspect the air filter and replace it only if needed
  • Inspect the cabin filter and replace it only if needed
  • Top up all fluid levels
  • Grease all points
  • Inspect all lights
  • Inspect all wipers
  • Remove all wheels to inspect the brakes
  • Clean, adjust & bleed brakes or replace brakes if needed
  • Check & adjust all tire pressures
  • Inspect & check suspension & steering
  • Inspect & service the cooling system


  • Brake pad replacement
  • New brake rotors
  • Hand brake adjustment
Car Workshop Battery Change

Other Services That We Offer

  • Dashboard warning lights: We have scanners to check the computer codes for your dashboard warning lights. Also, reset service lights.
  • Cambelt replacements
  • Hand brake adjustment
  • Light truck servicing
  • Forklift Servicing
  • Oil leaks
  • Power steering
  • Radiators
  • Radiator repairs & replacements

why choose us

We are committed to providing excellent work and sincere client service. Our benefits include the following:

Our Team


Craig started working on vehicles when he graduated from school. He started Car Tech Automotive Ltd. in 1991 and held expertise in working on all vehicle models, including European automobiles, classic cars, race car setups, and hot rods. He has been a mechanic since 1975 and the Owner-operator of Car Tech Automotive Ltd since 1991.


Michele runs car Tech Automotive’s business side, and she keeps it running smoothly. Bookings and time are arranged by her according to your needs, and progress is kept up to date if needed. She has been the Owner Operator of Car Tech Automotive Ltd since 1998.